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Snake (Java, PHP, Fun)

Snake 4 Poors
Your mission is to reach exactly 300000 points. You can watch the highscore table here.

Game instructions:
- Click the applet to focus, then press P or F4.
- Use cursor left and right to rotate the snake.
- Use cursor up and down to adjust speed a little.
- Do not walk into your own poo.
- Snake will starve if you don`t feed it.
- Eating hemp will switch the movement.
- Collect bonus letters for score multipliers.
- Hemp increases the chance for bonus letters.

- The game will detect if you have cheated your highscore entry. Your mission is to defeat the cheater detection as well.
- In case you already know the old applet: The cheating detection is more clever here. But you can still try to hack the old highscore, for an easier version.
- There is no sql injection or any other real flaw, just a cheating detection.
- (Ab)using drugs is not good for your mental health.

- 3D fruits were created by my friend Lazer.
- Hemp sound was taken with permission from Kapt`n Olga - Molkerei auf der Bounty.
- Gulp eating sound was taken without permission from FTL`s Dungeon Master.
- livinskull (and others) for testing the challenge.
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