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Challenge: Repeating History
fuzzy5GizmoreMay 16, 2019 - 18:23:53Goto last post4312633
Challenge: Anderson Application Auditing
SSH Finger print - Any help ?
Bw0rK1Bw0rKMay 12, 2019 - 15:31:21Goto last post111008
Comments on Happy-Security
Gizmore7tripleedgedMay 09, 2019 - 21:00:41Goto last post13817852
Challenge: Training: Warchall - The Beginning
hint for challenge 6?
povidl8twegMay 01, 2019 - 20:04:17Goto last post788517
Challenge: The Cookie is a lie
Challenge: The Cookie is a lie
Z8spaceApr 12, 2019 - 17:58:52Goto last post9618735
Comments on Tasteless
Mawekl16DerHorstApr 04, 2019 - 21:50:05Goto last post1613106858
Challenge: What is your Name?
challenge still working?
Abinmorth4dloserApr 02, 2019 - 15:24:55Goto last post347899
Challenge: 2013 New Years Special
Clarification Needed
l3st3r2GizmoreMar 30, 2019 - 19:32:43Goto last post002285
Challenge: HOST me
what's wrong with it?
chensixun2tehronMar 28, 2019 - 16:35:43Goto last post221578
Challenge: Training: LSB
maik2dloserMar 18, 2019 - 15:38:43Goto last post225572
Challenge: Training: WWW-Basics
I don't understand
odcf122JendrejMar 10, 2019 - 14:55:09Goto last post245897
Happy 11th Birthday
Gizmore10occasusFeb 24, 2019 - 13:27:42Goto last post13193925
Comments on thebackupbox
BjornR198968epochFeb 21, 2019 - 19:34:04Goto last post945969527
Comments on Security Traps
Cobruto34tehronFeb 19, 2019 - 18:02:05Goto last post6140133646
Challenge: Rubik's Cube
Bug in moves number?
curiosul4GizmoreFeb 17, 2019 - 03:28:58Goto last post334288

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occasus hi all... does anyone know if email is working?
occasus tried to send a technical request once last august, once last september and once now in february
occasus unfortunately no replies :(
Gizmore Maybe you have more luck on their
occasus yep, will try as soon as i can... thx Gizmore... helpful like always :D
zahaki Training: Crypto - Digraphs
Jizzmore Hey, just in case anyone's wondering why I don't roll around anymore. Im ok! Just waitin for a good opportunity to strike. :P
142874022 noe
tresser Get Sourced
3192564457 IRC is broken?
Gizmore works for me... ircs://