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Jul 21, 2011 - 21:39

EnigmaGroup joined

Good news everybody!

Another site has joined the wechall network, and this time it is a site which some of you players were waiting for.
EnigmaGroup has been founded in 2005 and has collected around 18000 active users and 180 challenges.
They are pretty well known among the challenge scene, and sometimes referred to as blackhats.
Rumors say their challenges are pretty good and realistic and it awaits you a collection of the traditional challenge site categories:
exploit, crackit, crypto, stegano, logic, math, java/script, and more.

It is noteful that their crew is running their own security and development company yet they still offer EnigmaGroup as a training playground as a hobby.

Many thanks go out to psychomarine, Ausome1 and aVoid for joining us and implementing the needed scripts.

We all wish you happy challenging!
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